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Bilişim Vadisi - An Architectural Design Project with infrastructure integration

The design goal was to create a unique architerctural structural combined to the SCADA system of an RMS Station (Natural gas Pressure Reducing and Mesaurement Station) located near Bilisim Vadisi (Silicon Valley of Türkiye, located near Dilovası region). The project had many challenges which were all adressed and solved accordingly. Below is a brief photo documentation of this project.

The basic structure is reinforced concrete, planview dimensions are approximately 30m x 9m. The iste had to be leveled out and new retaining walls were constructed around the land plot.

Concrete operation for site retaining walls. In the background the beautifull Osmangazi bridge is visible with the city lights of Altınova Taşköprü of Yalova city. The piping infrastructure seen in the background belongs to BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company in Turkey)

Installation of steel construction trusses above the concrete coloumns.

The RMS skid construction in progress, the white colored pipes to the right side of the photo are the inlet and outlet pipes.

Steel construction truss installation completed.

Hot tap operation for oftaking the high pressure natural gas (from a live gas pipeline) to the new RMS. This operation is done under live pressurized gas pipe by welding special take off pieces and drilling into the live stream.

Site progress with roof cladding and various concrete works.

Roof cladding in progress utilizing seamed roof technology. Facade cladding via aluminium panels.

After cladding the facade with aluminium panels, a special coated (painted) aluminium bars were installed to give a timber cladded feeling.

Facade cladding completed, windows and glasses installed.

Main meeting room ceiling construction by Hunter Douglas V100 type.

RMS inlet and outlet valve groups installed, shelter building facade cladded.

This is what it looks like from inside an RMS station, many valves (for various different manouvers) regulators, instrumentation, heaters, filter etc.

Landscaping works in progress, very fine olive trees were relocated to this plant

Laying of grass , finalizing the landscaping works

Landscaping continues in front of the building

Fine details viewed from inside the building.

RMS Shelter building completed, PALGAZ logo installation in progress.

A very fine and elegant meeting room is the end result.

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