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Fire Fighting and Prevention Project - Pakistan Faysalabad

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This fire fighting project is located in Faysalabad - Pakistan. This plant is the first investment of Hayat Group in Pakistan. Acting as the project manager we completed the installation and commisioing of the water based sprinkler systems (according to NFPA13), foam based extinguishing systems, CO2 based extinguishing systems with local applications, electronic fire detection and activation systems, underground hydrant lines and hose reel cabinet systems on a turnkey EPC basis. An 2500 GPM diesel / electrical fire pump was also installed and commisioned by Palmet. Below you may see various photos from the project. The project is completed and handed over to the Hayat Operations team.

A brief summary of the project:

10 Zones of water based sprinkler sprinkler systems (wet)

CO2 extinguishing systems for various utility areas

Electronic fire detection and extinguishing systems

Underground Hydrant System & HDPE piping

Foam based extinguishing Systems

Hose reel and cabinet systems

Fire Pumps (Diesel / Electrical)


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