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TIER IV Data Center Project - KKB Ankara Data Center

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

KKB Ankara Datacenter was concepted on 45.000m2 land with 20.000 m2 total closed construction area. The main buildings and functions are ;

1 - the datacenter building with A-B power buildings located on the north and the south of the building. Total Area is 10.300m2, Total White Space Area is 3.000 m2

2 - Support building located right next to the datacenter building housing support facilities and operational functions. Total Area is 2.400 m2

3 - Client Operation Building , with offices and utilites (including hotel rooms) for data center clients. Total Area is 6.700 m2

Total Power for Phase-I is 2 x 4 x 2 MVA = 16 MVA

Total Power for complete plant (Phase I+II+III) = 3 x 16 MVA = 48 MVA

The project is designed and certified bu Uptime Institute as TIER IV.

Scope of works is as follows;

1-Detailed Design

2-Earth and civil works

3-Complete Electromechanical Balance of Plant (engineering, procurement and construction based)

4-Architectural and finishing works

5-Steel Construction works

6-Roof and facade cladding works

7-Structural cabling (fiber and copper cabling for IT infrastructure)

Further site and plant photos can be seen through this link.

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