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Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Station (PRS) project completed

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The PRS (pressure reduction station) for the Canadian gas grid is completed successfully in Gebze workshop in Turkey. As reported previously, the design maximum inlet pressure is 99.3 bars and the station outlet pressure is set at 5.5 bars range.

The special design containerized, flexible PRS solution was done by Palmet group and the design was approved by Petra engineering of Canada (design according to CSA)

The container was designed in such a way to work extreme low temperature climatic conditions, with special wall structure to withstand harsh environmental challenges. In inner walls of the container is claded with perforated steel liners to reduce noise emissions and levels. The container has two roof light panels constructed from Poly carbonate clear material.

Upon completion the mechanical skid (spool) was hydro tested at 150 bars and after the assembly of spool pieces, valves regulators etc. was tested with N2 injection at 110 bars. Customers requirements suggested to use Fischer regulators (EZHSO and EZHOSX) for the active and monitor regulators.

The container was tested under rain simulation to be sure that there are no water ingress within the container.

The container was packed with a special type overseas specific transportation packaging material prior to shipment. Some parts of the container (such as the relief pipe, and the ventilation components were removed to achieve height restrictions for transportation)

All fine tuning and details were very carefully looked through prior to shiping the unit to Canada. The unit will travel by sea from İzmit Port first to Valencia - Spain and then from here to Vancouver - Canada.

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