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Part 2/2 - Recommisiong of a 770 MWe Natural Gas Fired Powerplant - Baymina Ankara Power Plant

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This is the bottom section of the HRSG, where the hot flue gases from gas turbine outlet flow through at approximately ~600oC. The coils seen above are the HP (high pressure) super heater coils.


Here is a rare shot during an inspection inside the HRSG at the end point of the gas turbine (last stage turbine blades are visible) You woulnt want to be here during operation!


No comments on this photo. You simply have to enter this region (when it's cool enough of course!) to realize the atmosphere and the size of the whole thing !!


Inspection of HRSG coils, pipes, bends and collectors. The complete HRSG was visually controlled and critical items were NDT'd and thickness of critical pipes, bends etc were measured and recorded and compared with past measurements.


Another team visit from Palmet's accounting department. In the background the steam turbine generator is visible.


Maintenance and cleaning works of the WPTP reactor. During operation this reactor acts as a decarbonisation and wet sludge removal unit. The reactor is filled with Ankara sewage water. Some chemicals are introduced into this waste water which caused the sludge to thicken and sink to the bottom of the reactor which is processes further. The water above the reactor (with less sludge content) is sent to the sand filter units for further filtering prior to entering the cooling tower basin.


A backwash scheme from a sand filter building. The foam visible in this photo are the remaining detergents from household usage.


The end product of WPTP, dried sludge which is sent out a cement factory for further processing. (imagine the odors in this region!)


Plant fire fighting drills (water based) are performed on a regular basis to assure full functionality of the system.


Plant fire fighting drills (foam based) are performed on a regular basis to assure full functionality of the system


Plant start-up, lots of noise, steam everywhere , Rock-n-Roll !


First Fire (after a long mothball period) on 26th of May 2021 evening


A night view of the power plant.


One of the best photos ever with a net power output of 810 Megawatt (MWe)


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