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Rudder Pedals

In the early stages of my project, I have modified a CH rudder pedals to look and function like an airbus rudder. But obviously this was not a permanent and robust solution and was more for the visuals. Below are some photos of how I modified my CH pedals to look like an airbus rudder. All made our of plastics and wood.

Recently I received my professional rudder pedals from which are solid metal construction with heavy duty springs, bearings and mechanisms. The owner of Cemil Erden is a very talented engineer, a good friend of mine who produced high qualit simulator components.

The mechanicals can be seen below, They can be linked by the way, which I may in the future is space permits.

Very robust metal construction, the rudder and the brakes feel heavy and realistic enough. The unit ships with a Leo Bodnar BU836 interface which can be calibrated via prosim (or other simming software) easily. I quite enjoy and recommend this product

I have removed my older design and replaced with the professional version as seen below.

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