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Datacenter Project Tuzla MTX

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

In this success story from the past, our client purchased an old factory building (approximately 6500 m2 land plot and 5000 m2 closed area) in Tuzla region in Istanbul. The idea was to convert this old and semi demolished building into a datacenter / MTX for mobile telecomunications. The main structure of the building remained un-touched (with many structural components reinforced) and everything else was renewed (themal and water insulations, facade claddings, electrical infrastructure, architechtural and office infrastructures, mechanical systems, HVAC, plumbing etc.) The project was successfuly completed and handedover to our cliend back in 2010. Total white space area is 1500m2. My company was the main EPC contractor for all civil, electrical, mechanical and architectural works.

Below are some photos from old building under renovation works

Photosfrom the finished datacenter building can be seen below. Many architectural details were applied to the existing building. This project was a very challenging project in terms of time frame and limited availibility of space with the landplot. I call this project an experience builder !


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