• Okan Saçlı

Visit to İstanbul Airport LTFM

I was lucky to be able to visit the Istanbul Airport (ICAO code is LTFM, IATA code is ISL) prior to its official opening on 29.10.2018. My tour of the new airport included all details such as the taxiways, treshold of runway 35L, the tower, airport datacenter, terminals, luggage loading areas. We all hope the best for this airport, which will the world's biggest airport when in full operation within couple of years. #istanbul #turkey #ltfm #airport #flying #aviation #runway #avporn #flight #runway ​ Some of my photos can be seen through this link.

@engineerslife by Okan Saçlı

Welcome to my website. I am an Istanbul based senior mechanical engineer with extensive know-how on datacenter technologies (design, certification, contruction and operation), power plants and privately building an Airbus A320 simulator at home. So please enjoy my website.


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