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3 Dimensional Desing Drawings

Basis of design for my home simulator design. Analyzing many photos over the internet (all this happening in 2003ish years), I first designed my cockpit in 3 dimensional environment to get a feeling of the overall dimensions. Due to space restrictions I had to modify/reduce the side stick areas dimensions. As I added additonal components, such as flap lever, spoiler, throttle (which was initialy my own design) all the 3d designs were added / updated in the main design. Home cockpit guys these days are luckier as I know there is now access to 3D scanned designs of original A320 cockpits out there ! Feel free to use this drawing to understand how I added things up as I proceeded. You can even zoom in to see various details as below. Please know that many days of work are implemented in this drawing all done by simply looking at photos over the internet. The link to the 3D dwg file is below.

Download DWG • 1.71MB

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2 comentarios

03 ene

Thank you so much for sharing this! You're a hero

Me gusta
Okan Saçlı
Okan Saçlı
03 ene
Contestando a

You are welcome, good luck with the building !

Me gusta
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