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Anatolian Rural Tour (Erzincan to Sivas) from July 2016

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Our tour begins at Kemah which is 50 km's away from Erzincan city centrum. In the photo below you may see the Meliksah Tomb located in Kemah district of Erzincan. The well known Euphrates river is seen these pictures. Our company has a Hydropower plant project planned on this section of Euphrates with a total power capacity of 283 MWe / hr. The project is in planning phase.

The tour continues towards Bogazici village, which has a fantastic land scenery. When I post photos to instagram I tag them as #colors of #anatolia which is true. The colors of Anatolia are fantastic, with varying tones and shades depending on the time of the days, clouds , sky. It is simply pure love.

We keep on driving to the west our next destination is İliç, the roads run parallel to the Euphrates again with beautiful scenery.

Next images are from #Ataturk #Canyon near #Kemaliye. This canyon is famous in Turkey for rafting races , and nature events.. You can drive along the canyon through various tunnels carved in stones, very challenging and breath taking.

Our next stop is #Kemaliye. A small village between the mountains. They have a favorite desert called #dovmec or #lok which is made from dried #mulberry and #walnut pressed under a special pressing machine. It is #sweet, #energy and #fantastic . #lokhane means the place to manufacture the desert :)

Our next stop is in #Arapgir in #Malaty city. Below is an old and traditional house in Arapgir a couple of hunderd years old.

The final destination is Sivas where we fly back to Istanbul. In the photo below you can see the #cifteminare located in the center of Sivas.

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