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Pakistan Trip April 2019

I have visited Pakistan in April 2019 for a our ongoing engineering project in Faysalabad in Punjab for a couple of days. My flight was direct to new #istanbul airport #ltfm direct to Lahore Iqbal International airport. The flight takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes. I was picked up by our site supervisor and we drove directly to Faysalabad where we execute our project.

To my luck our driver's wedding was on our next day of arrival to Pakistan, so we experienced a Pakistani wedding (or maybe pre wedding) ceremeony in Chak Jhumra village. Was very interesting filled with action and dancing Pakistani men !

On my last day we decided to drive up to Pakistan Afganistan border via the Khyber Pass. First we drove to Islamabad from Faysalabad which is approximately 350 km's. From Islamabad to drove to Peshawer which is an additional 200 km's. All roads are highways and are very very fine.

The fun part begins after Peshawer where we drove to Torkham (the border village between Pakistan and Afganistan) which is around 60 km's but very challenging roads, curved and filled with hair pins. Filled with police, military check points almost every 200 meters. Was very challenging to drive through them.

Right after Peshawer we passed through the Khyber Gate and entered the Khyber Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Area, where tough regions. The village near Khyberpass is called Landi Kotal . We stoped there and had chats with locals. Please seemed to enjoy Turkish company there :) These places are really historical and cultural places with millions of different shades of colors, tastes and smells.

Torkham is a village of chaos, a local taxi driver walked us to the border where we could see Afgahi soldiers and people.

After Torkham, we drove back to Islamabad for my direct flight from Islamabad to Istanbul. The Islamabad airport is very new , clean and fine decorated.

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