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Airbus A320 Main Instrument Panels

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Initially , I had the MIP panels from flightdecksolutions (their solution was called NOVA panels back in 2004). These panels were cnc cut 2 mm thick ABS type panels (with some sort protective clear screen over them) as seen in the photos below.

However the structural stability of these panels were too weak, so I thought I should go with something thicker and stronger (all these are happening back in 2004, if i were to do it today I would definetly go with metal sheets) So I spotted a thick foam type material (around 5mm's thick) which was much stronger . I did a a design for the CNC cutting patterns as seen in the photo below. The white pieces were also CNC cut to add additional stability to the overall system.

You may download the CAD file to be used for the CNC process below. Please note that I may have altered / changed /revised some of the dimensions to fullfill my needs, so feel free to do the same as well.

Download DWG • 128KB

The panels were then painted with gray / blau toned spray as seen below.

The final product looks like this. I will do an additional blog entry for the dummy foot rest / table tray in the future. I may re-do these parts to implement a working table , it is on the agenda.

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