• Okan Saçlı

Airbus A320 Overhead ADIRS Panel

Updated: Jan 7

I have completed the ADIRS Panel (Air Data Inertial Reference System) located on the upper right of the overheadpanel. This is the final panel which uses OC / SIOC for interfacing and codign since now all my OC cards are full. The rest of the overhead section, I will utilize Mobiflight and Audrino. I have been testin Mobiflight and Audrino togehtar and they seem to function just fine.

For the LCD display I am using and 16x1 display which is connected to the Audrino UNO, the SYS selector and modes are connected to Audrino MEGA which is installed within the overhead structure.

Below are some photos of the overhead section lit up and a close up of the ADIRS panel.

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