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Wagah Border Flag Ceremony, Lahore Pakistan

As a mechanical engineer managing various projects throughout the continent, business traveling means not only site business but also to get a deeper insight of the country’s culture, habits and traditions. I was in Pakistan Lahore this week for a newly acquired project and had the great opportunity to go and live! the Wagah border flag ceremony. It was amazing. Full respect to both the Pakistani and Indian soldiers to perform this vibrant act each and every day.

​The flag ceremony at the Wagah Border (between Lahore Pakistan and Amritsar India) is a daily joint practice/drill executed by the Pakistan Rangers and Indian Border Security Force (BSF). The event takes place right after the afternoon prayer time before the sun sets. It is colorful, it is heroic, and it is definitely patriotic. If you ever visit Pakistan or India this must be on the to do/see list. I would definitely love to see and experience the same event from the Indian site as well in the near future. #pakistan #lahore #wagah #engineerslife #amritsar #travel #traditional

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