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Data Center Air-to-Air cooling (20 x 150 kW) Project Progress

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Our project for the installation, commisioning and heat load testing for 20 nos. of 150 kW Air to Air cooling system has begun recently. The project is located in Ankara, Turkey in KKB datacenter. The cooling units are manufactured by #flaktgroup #turkey, each unit consists of 13 parts total weight approximately 11 tons. The parts are assembled on site on pre fabricated steel support beams (which reside over seismic isolators). For the purpose of installation, a special beam crane was designed and installed on the steel roofing structure. Below are some photos from the installation of the first 2 units. After the units are mechanically installed together the next step will be to complete copper welding for the DX circuit of the unit, then followed by insulated air duct working for the fresh ambient air-in. The project will be completed in June 2019. #engineering #challenge #datacenter #cooling #airtoair

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