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Airbus A320 Dummy Foot Rest and Table Setup

Updated: Jan 7

The idea was to simulate a fake foot rest and pull table as seen in an actual Airbus A320 below. It is on my agenda to re-do this section to implement a pull out table (no intensions to do the foot rests) #airbus #a320 #airbusa320 #homecockpit #okansacli

The dimensions were all improvised by looking at various photos over the net and by trying to scale things in an cad design environment. The dimensions I used in my setup can be seen below;

Detailed manufacturing drawings were produced for the milling process.

The parts were manufactured in a friend's workshop in Istanbul. I used polyamide based hard plastics for this. Below you can see the manufactured parts during painting and after painting.

I don't recall where I obtained the anti slip material (the one seen gray in the photo), it is also flexible plastic based anti-slip material (used in mechanical workshop drawers as a base material.. I hope this definition helps all). Below you can see the assembled pieces mounted in its final position. For the table I used a 10mm wooden rod, divided into two halves glued onto the base material (the hard foam as described somewhere else on the website) as mentioned just for visuals :) I enjoy the results.

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