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Airbus A320 Throttles for Home Cockpit - Rework

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I have designed and manufactured my throttles back in 2004 as seen at this link. The initial design was plastic levers without reverse locking mechanism and aluminium body and non moving plastic based trim wheels.

Recently I have decided to upgrade the throttle set, so that I have more realistic looking levers and try to implement the reverse thrust locking levers as well. The design is an existing one (with all the necessary STL files included) which was officialy purchased by a friend. I have 3D-printed these parts in my Creality Ender3 printer using PLA material. Most of the these parts are printed with an infill percentage of 40%, using fine printing techniques. PLA hot end temperature is set @200oC and heated bed temperature is set at @75oC for most of the parts. The stock extruder failed after printing all these parts which then was replaced with an robust aluminium version of it.

The next step is to do a re-design for the body and hopefully functional trim wheel. I will alter the existing design for the body so that only the levers are utilized in the setup. Please enjoy the photos and feel free to ask all types of questions.

Below is a short video of the assembled lever in action showing the mechanism for the reverse latch.

Getting the first layer to stick to the heated bed takes some engineering practice and some trial and errors (even in this photo you may see many erroneous regions)

The first printed part stuck very well to the heated bed with absolutely no lifting.

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1 Comment

May 27, 2021

where did your friend buy the stl files?

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