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Airbus A320 Throttles for my cockpit

Updated: Jan 7

I designed and manufactured my throttle levers back in 2004. Below are some photos from the design phase, manufacturing phase and installation in place. Firstly, I have designed in 2D environment, looking at various photos available in the internet as I never had the change to go in the real cockpit to measure things out. After I was satisfied with the 2D design , I did a 3D design to get a feeling of how the complete product would look like in reality. All went good, the casing was manufactured in a local Karaköy Turkish lathing shop. The material I used is aluminium. The trim wheel are manufactured from a PE typr hard plastic material. There are some spring mechanisms to give the feelings of the TO/GA, FLX/MCT,CL,IDLE,REV IDLE and MAX IDLE dents, so that you can actually hear and feel the clicking between dent movements. The axis are conntected to high precision 100 k Pots which are connected to a Leo Bodnar analog card and then calibrated with JEEHELL software. The back lightning is achived via EL-lamp sheets underneath the plexi plate. I have been using this throttle ever since 2004-2005. Now that I have a 3d printer, I may re-do some parts of, maybe integrate a moving trim wheel. Enjoy the photos.

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