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Simmers Without Borders

Donate computing power to speed up the search for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Our flight simulation community have started a pro bono initiative inviting all members of the international flight simulation community to donate computing power to speed up the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus (COVID-19). The project is called Simmers Without Borders and is open for anyone in the flight simulation community - individuals, as well as organizations and companies. See this website for more information:

Folding@home (FAH or F@h)is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. It brings together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers. Insights from this data are helping scientists to better understand biology, and providing new opportunities for developing therapeutics. See this website for more information :

I have dedicated my masterPC to support this mission. Below are some screenshots from the activities from my CPU and the GPU.

Process Lass Pro software (which is way too advanced task manager I use to optimize simulation related items) showing the FahCore_a7.exe utilizing the CPU power @ %72 and FahCore_22.exe utilizing the GPU.

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