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Instructor Station for the home cockpit Inspitaion

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

A real Boeing IOS (Instructor Station)…

Below are photos from my instructor station with two screens both 21", the top screen runs P3d external views (there are times to do some tests and optimizations, you do not need to run the whole simulator, so I can use the upper screen for outside visuals during my tests), the bottom screen runs the FS-Flight Control instruction station where you can simulate many stuff (such as failures, weahter, positioning etc.)

SIOC software is also accessible from the bottom screen where I can simulate and interfere with FSUIPC offsets.

I will install some electronics in future to the IOS to control vatsim related stuff etc. There is no end to one's imagination. We all hope for a good IO software from JeeHell.

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