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Home Cockpit Flying

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Short update from the latest developments in my #airbus #a320 #homecockpit. Things are improving. There are still lots to improve with the software side of things (JeeHell FMGS). I had issues with my P3D frame rates which was also effecting the logic software, so made some improvements in terms of settings. Using ORBX scenery and ORBX LOWI (which is a heavy load airport in terms of graphics) i am able now to get around 40 FPS steady so it is good now.

I do have plans for better visuals with a HD short throw projector, only a matter of budget :)

Most of the overhead is functional, so much fun to turn on the fuel pumps during a cold-dark start :)

I will publish a detailed simulator presentation video in the near future.

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2 commentaires

Okan Saçlı
Okan Saçlı
09 oct. 2020

@karthikkalapaka Hello, Running everything on a single PC wont be the ideal solution for home simming. So I suggest you refer to the my PC setup section to understand the PC setup I have. Best Regards from Istanbul


09 oct. 2020


Can i use one computer for a cockpit with 2 moniter system and one budget projecter

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