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First Construction Site Project - Cimsa Mersin Cement Factory

As a junior engineer freshly graduated from university, my first construction project abroad (away from Istanbul) was in Mersin Turkey, Cimsa Cement Plant. We built 3 nos. of concrete silos for OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement), I was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of all the steel works

The steel works were ; inside the silo on the bottom a conical bunker structure with precast concrete blocks, at the upper level of the silo for the installation platform of filtering machinery and the roof of the silo which was covered with precast concrete blocks. The building between the silos was the main steel works for this project, it was the mixing building which consisted several floors with each floor having a different function and machinery installed.

The project duration was approximately 10 months. It was a major experience and startup for me, my first project abroad, with many responsibilities. I enjoyed each and every moment of this project which broadened my experience in steel construction.

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