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Airbus A320 Home Cockpit Shell design and implementation -Part II

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The complete cabin has been modeled in 3D as seen below. This design is the result of many days and nights hard work. A short video of the design can be seen at this link. The only source of information available was some photos over the net. This design was done in year 2003 by the way. Before starting with the production I wanted to see the complete design in 3D so that's how I did it.

Branching off from this 3D-Design I produced my many 2D workshop drawings for the actual manufacturing of the parts. Please note that I had to alter certain dimensions due to space restrictions etc. So I do not guarantee that these are 1-1 A320 dimensions

The main panel dimensions can be seen in the photo below. If requested, the dwg files can be made available.

After putting the pieces together the Main Panel section looks like this (sitting upside down most probably for painting purposes)

The dimensions of the pedestal block can be seen in the photo below;

The cockpit back wall acts as the main load carrying structure, some dimensional and structural information can be seen below. I had to improvise here a lot.. Initially as seen in the photos my decision was to make a cockpit door , so the back wall was bigger, but with time I decided to have the cockpit fully open (ie. without a door) So I modifed the backwall according to the dimensions below.

And some more detailed dimensional information is as follows, viewing the backwall's structural aspects, together with a side view showing how various components were connected with each other.

If you can solve the dimensional magic in the photo below, you are good to go for a cockpit shell :)

Some finished photos mostly from the past can be seen below . As mentioned earlier, the initial idea was to have a cockpit door (which changed later)

The dimensions of the overhead lightning panel and the implemented version of them (both FO and CAPT side) can be seen below. The fan louvers actually blow air :)

The final product as of year 2020 looks like below. Looking from the backside, it looks like a cockpit with a shell, but when viewed from outside, you only get to see the structural components.

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